Online addiction test

online addiction test

Background. The Internet Addiction Test (IAT) by Kimberly Young is one of the most utilized diagnostic instruments for Internet addiction. The Internet Addiction Test (IAT) is the first Validated measure of Internet Addiction described in the IAT Manual to measure Internet use in terms of mild. Internet Addiction Test (IAT) by Dr. Kimberly Young. Internet Addiction Test (IAT) is a reliable and valid measure of addictive use of Internet, developed by Dr. online addiction test

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The group of participants were recruited on a voluntary basis. RSS - Beiträge RSS - Kommentare Seiten Über uns Impressum Kategorien Aus anderen Einrichtungen Aus dem Fortbildungsprogramm Bamberg 13 Bamberg, Stadt und Land 38 Buntes aus der Weiterbildung eLearning 22 Konferenzbericht 8 Lerninhalte 53 Literatur und Medien 77 Methodik und Didaktik 61 Organisatorisches zum WEGA-Team Personelles ProfilPASS-System 29 Kompetenzberatung 19 Seminarbericht 10 Tagungsbericht 6 Tagungsbericht, Konferenzbericht 19 Termine Tipps zur Fortbildungsarbeit 77 Weiterbildung Studium 12 Zahlen und Fakten 49 Fortbildung Schimmenti A, Guglielmucci F, Barbasio C, Granieri A. The present study examined the model of Internet addiction as assessed by a widely used self-report measure, the IAT. Limitations Overall, our findings should be interpreted with some caution because the sample contained only college students. With the item questionnaire, we were able to satisfy the minimum 10 participants-per-item ratio that is usually recommended; a number of I can't see text, images, or videos properly. Wie oft befürchten Sie, dass das Leben ohne das Internet langweilig, leer und freudlos wäre? Wie oft stellen Sie fest, dass Sie länger online blieben als gedacht? This survey is phishing for sensitive info. Methods Participants and Procedure Of the Italian adults screened, 36 had one or more items 2017 brasilien deutschland missing values and were not included in data analyses. A total of subjects fell into the Internet-Addicted user category, while respondents were labelled as Non-Addicted.


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